Top Indian Perfume Brands That Are Bringing Back The Magical Indian Scents

ladies perfume brands
ladies perfume brands

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India used to be the center of smells, just as it was the center of spices and gems. However, given the significant shift to Europe, most people consider the grass is actually greener in that regard when compared to India. However, things look to be evolving as perfumers recognize India’s possibilities as a niche fragrance market. Indian perfume brands are returning, affecting the perceptions of noses used to European aromas. These Indian perfume brands define the country’s emerging indigenous perfume culture.

Luxury Fragrances by Aamod

Aamod Luxury Fragrances creates these exquisite scents using high-quality components gathered worldwide and combined to perfection in India. It is one of the best Indian perfume brands, and you’ll definitely fall in love with them. Lose yourself in their fragrant world with choices like Champagne Du Roses, Tropical Voyage, and Vibrant Vetiver.

A Fragrance Story

Another one of the best Indian perfume brands, it features various scents inspired by different parts of India, which tells you a lot about what to anticipate from them. With its selection of notes, A Fragrance Story attempts to convey a story set in various places of India, as the name indicates. The firm is not seeking to establish itself as a luxury goods retailer. Rather, it’s all about transferring wanderlust-stricken wearers to a new location.

Bombay Perfumery

Each scent from this brand is handcrafted with pools of love and the best ingredients by the beautiful people at Bombay Perfumery! Their goal is to elicit a pleasant recollection whenever you open a bottle. Also, their scents last long, making them among the best Indian perfume brands out there. Calicut, Chai Musk, Madurai Talkies, and Sulawesi are among the greatest, so get yours now!


Sugandhco., this Lucknow-based Indian perfume brand famed for its attars, also creates spray fragrances and is reasonably priced. Sugandhco.’s distinctive creation will appeal to perfume enthusiasts who are prepared to explore new smells merely because they depict old Indian odors in innovative ways.


Do you have a thing for diverse types of perfumes? Maybe you’re a serial perfume fanatic who feels compelled to purchase at least one scent from every brand on the market? If you answered positively to both these questions, then the list above of the best Indian perfume brands is precisely what you’re looking for!