Invictus Perfumes For A Long Lasting Aroma

Invictus perfume
Invictus perfume

Invictus is a name that even the most fashion-illiterate person will recognise. Aside from garments, this designer house also has a line of perfumes that exemplify luxury and are a source of pride for those who own them. They are inspired by natural materials and convey a sense of understated refinement. This elegance may be yours as well! To locate your unique aroma, read on to learn about the top Invictus perfumes for men.

Looking for a perfume with long lasting aroma? Well, here is your pick. This pick is the best in the market segment. It provides a combination of woody and musky fragrance coupled with a long lasting after effect which won’t go despite washes. These perfumes have been specially designed keeping in mind the youth who loves to carry itself with confidence in striking every single bargain of their life. They are currently available in both online and offline markets.

  1. Al MaheerAseer

If you are looking for a scent that will reveal the bold side of your personality then you must shop for this one. It is a long lasting fragrance and will help you enjoy the best aura all around you and that too at an affordable price.

  1. Madeena

Classic is another stylish option among Invictus perfume in India, and it makes you sparkle when you wear it. This brand, which sells fragrances for between Rs 1000 and Rs 4000, has a lot of fascinating options for you.

  1. Aqua

When it comes to men’s perfumes, Club has also created a name for itself in India with a long lasting smell. The Invictus perfume price start at Rs 1000 and go up to Rs 6000 and beyond.

  1. Paco RabannerInvictius

The world-famous Paco Rabannerinvictius perfume which offers luxuries for men in categories like as fresh and leather, is next on the list of best-selling fragrances for men in India.


These are the Invictus perfumes that you must have for a freshness in your personality.